The Big Hedgehog Map

We know hedgehogs are in trouble. We’ve lost a third of all our hedgehogs since the millennium.

“The Big Hedgehog Map” have produced a hub for mapping the UK’s hedgehogs. The Big Hedgehog Map website is a citizen science project that allows people to record hedgehog sightings and share information about these fascinating creatures. The collected data helps researchers and conservationists monitor hedgehog populations, identify trends, and implement effective conservation strategies to protect and preserve these important species. By engaging the public in data collection, the Big Hedgehog Map website raises awareness about the significance of hedgehogs and encourages community participation in their conservation efforts.

We’ve embedded the amazing “Big Hedgehog Map” from hedgehod street website so that you can search to hedgehog sightings near you. Enter your postcode below to see your nearest sightings.  NOTE: You can filter hedgehog sightings based on date using the “filters” in the top right of the map. 

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