Do you want to know where to recycle locally?

Read our guide to how you can maximise your contribution to recycling but in as local a manner as is possible.

Our guide complements those provided the local authority by including other commercial and voluntary collections with a view to the following:

• To make it as convenient as possible for you to recycle
• To help you increase the amount of recycling
To minimise the amount of energy consumed in returning items

We will be continually review and expand the guide as new information and facilities become available. If you know of any information that can be included please contact us.

There are lists, tailored for each of our two villages, please choose from the links below:

Pangbourne recycling guide

Whitchurch recycling guide

How else can I reduce my waste?

Don’t forget the three ‘R’ s

Minimise your consumption – Do you really need that new gadget? Or another carrier bag?
Take a re-usable bag shopping!

Don’t throw it away – could somebody else use it?
Use the PAWS re-use day, Freecycle or Freegle websites.

Can It made in to something new?
Look in your bin and check whether you can find another outlet for your waste listed in our recycling guides.

For much more information on waste go to:

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