The sustainable transport branch of PAWS has been looking at what it can do to better serve the needs of the Pangbourne and Whitchurch communities. Feedback from the PAWS Open day in June showed strong local feeling in favour of a more bike friendly environment. We agree! Getting to work by bike was a popular choice and thanks to local schools, who have shared their Travel plans with us, we know that many more young people would like to cycle to school, if it were practical. Just think, less congestion all round and in many cases quicker journeys.

We haven’t got endless budgets or magic wands, but have picked out two or three ideas to get things started.

We want to flag up existing cycle routes by producing maps which show the easiest way to get around the local area on quiet roads and traffic free routes for essential journeys or leisure. The maps will be available later in the year through local websites, posters and flyers.

Look out also for details of a “Family Fun” cycling event to take place in late spring where we can try out the cycle friendly routes around us.

How many times have you come into the villages by bike but found nothing to secure it to? We are looking at the feasibility of putting more bike racks in the villages. Would businesses benefit if they had a bike rack nearby?

Finally, when Whitchurch Bridge is down, will you be affected? If so, would travelling by bike be the answer? We know that the Whitchurch Bridge Company is making provision for cyclists during the rebuild, so this maybe a good option.

We know that many of our ideas and the suggestions put forward at the Open day have already been thrashed out by the local councils and are pleased that cycling is on their agendas as well as those of West Berks and Oxfordshire Councils. However, the more people who engage for better provision and indeed get out on their bikes, the more chance we will have of seeing progress.

If any of you have thoughts about these points or indeed have good contacts who could help with organising a family cycling event, please feel free to get in touch. We would welcome hearing from you.

arriving by bike

The PAWS Cycling route map can be downloaded here (.pdf file reader required)

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