Re-Use Day

Re-use Day

Saturday March 19th

The aim of the day is to promote local re-use, thereby reducing consumption and waste. Have a look around your house, garage, shed and attic. Put aside anything that you no longer need but that could still be useful for another family. On Saturday 19th March place it outside at the front of your property from first thing in the morning. All villagers are invited to walk around the villages to see if any of these unwanted items might have a new owner and be put to use in another household. Note that this is not a refuse collection and any item that does not find a new owner must be taken back inside. If the weather is inclement, items that will suffer may have to be kept back for the next PAWS Re-use day.

  • The day is open to all residents of Pangbourne and Whitchurch.
  • You may put out any unwanted items that are reusable.
  • Please place them at the edge of your property where they may be seen by passers-by.
  • Do not put items on public land or pavements.
  • To prevent possible confusion, label any items that are available to others. An example sign can be printed from here.
  • You may take donated items from any other household if they are labelled.
  • No money must change hands.
  • Please walk or cycle around the villages.
  • Please remove any goods not collected at the end of the day.


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