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Sunday 24th September

Apple Pressing Day

at Whitchurch Maze

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The Pangbourne & Whitchurch Sustainability Stall

Whitchurch Fete on September 2nd.

Pictured : Children enjoying the 'Save The Fish from Plastic' fishing game supervised by Ellie Thorne.

Magnets attached to fishing rods and toy fish in a 'pool made of cardboard and fabric, and filled with examples of plastic waste found in the oceans and seas was popular with the children who tried to catch as many fish as they could in as short as time as possible. Cliff provided a stopwatch.

While the children played the game, parents were able to chat to PAWS members about Sustainability,  and new members were recruited and we were able to remind people about Apple pressing Day on September 24th,on Whitchurch maze and The Barn Dance on October 27th , and sell a few tickets.

 Jackie had brought a bar of Hemp soap with her and some leaflets. The soap can be used as a shampoo, and is packaged in a biodegradable cellophane, and thus reduces the use of a plastic bottle. We also had a display board supplied and arranged by Jackie, and an example of a silicone cover that can be reused thousands of times, replacing cling film.

 Many thanks to Cliff & Ellie who ferried and put up the Gazebo, Table and display board, and thanks are due to Peter McManners who lent the Gazebo. Jathan and Brian Hoskins talked to lots of people who came over to see our stall. Harry, Kat Syfret's dog had to take cover under the table from the sun, and generally a good time was had by all!

Kat Syfret


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